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The consequences of porch piracy

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defense

Porch piracy, the act of stealing deliveries from someone’s doorstep, has seen an increase along with the surge in online shopping. This offense is no small matter. Mail theft is a federal crime and soon, potentially, a felony. Across the country, authorities are intensifying efforts to crack down on these thefts with Maryland following suit.

Maryland’s stance on package theft

Mail tampering or theft, including the taking or obtaining by fraud or deception of packages meant for another, is a federal crime. Convictions for theft carry serious penalties, not just limited to fines, but also potential incarceration and a lasting criminal record.

With porch piracy escalating, states are responding by reinforcing their laws, making theft a felony. Maryland is part of this movement, proposing to stiffen penalties for mail theft to include felony charges with up to five years in prison.

How a lawyer can help

Those accused of mail theft or similar offenses may find themselves in a difficult situation that could change the course of their lives. A conviction has ramifications beyond spending time behind bars, including a tarnished reputation that may limit future career and housing opportunities.

Yet even the accused have rights. A criminal defense lawyer can play a crucial role in protecting these rights, navigating the complex criminal justice system and building a defense.

As law enforcement closes in on porch piracy, the consequences for such crimes may be far higher than the value of the items stolen.