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The war on drugs is very much alive in Anne Arundel County. Maryland drug offense charges stem from allegedly possessing, distributing or manufacturing controlled dangerous substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and various prescription drugs. An individual accused of distributing controlled dangerous substances (CDS), possessing with intent to distribute, and manufacturing may face a harsh and unmerciful legal system.

A defendant could face lengthy prison sentences upon conviction. In certain situations, minimum sentences are mandatory. In short, you need a skilled trial attorney if you face criminal charges due to possession, manufacturing or distribution of CDS. The attorneys at Ortega Law, LLC, have the experience and the skills to protect your rights.

Drug crimes such as manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute or distribution of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are felonies and have the same penalty structure. The charge will also include the dangerous substance involved in the criminal charge. The type of substance is also important as it will play a major factor when it comes to sentencing.

It should also come as no surprise that the larger the amount of CDS, the greater the potential penalty. Depending upon the particular substance and the quantity, you may also face charges as a volume dealer. Volume dealers face an enhanced mandatory minimum sentence of no less than five years and a potential fine of up to $100,000.00.

Common Scenarios Potentially Leading To Drug Charges

Drug charges often stem from the execution of search warrants upon a home or other enclosed area. However, it is even more common for a traffic stop to lead to drug charges. Traffic stops are a favorite tool for police officers to aggressively enforce drug laws. Expired tags, tinted windows, and other minor traffic infractions are often used to stop a person in hopes of searching the car and finding illegal drugs.

In situations like the traffic stop mentioned above, it is essential to know your rights. The police officers do not have the right to search your vehicle without probable cause to believe that there is something illegal in your car, a warrant or some other narrow exception to the warrant requirement.

If the police ask if they can search your car, you have every right to tell them no. If they do search your vehicle, the police will have to justify why they stopped it and searched it. An illegal stop or search could lead to the dismissal of your case. Contact Ortega Law and speak with a drug charge lawyer for a free case evaluation to see if your rights were violated.


No drug-related law is changing faster than the laws surrounding marijuana. It is no longer a criminal act to possess less than 10 grams. These changes in Maryland, as they relate to marijuana, are evidenced by the ongoing social attitudes and lobbying as well as the establishment of dispensaries and farms for the growth and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. These drastic changes are in line with the growing national trend away from the stigma and criminalization of marijuana.

While the use and possession of certain amounts of marijuana are permitted, the distribution of marijuana remains highly criminalized. The potential penalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute marijuana is five years and/or a $5,000 fine. Thus, while the perception of marijuana is evolving, the sale of it can leave you with a felony conviction. However, there are multiple defense strategies, like medical marijuana.

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