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Fighting Against DUI And Other Serious Traffic Violations

At Ortega Law, LLC, every client is important to us. The attention, dedication and skill we provide to each client’s case remain the same, whether our clients are charged with murder or driving on a suspended license. Losing your privilege to drive or your freedom and liberty are life-altering events.

If you face a serious traffic offense or criminal case, we strongly recommend you explore the many defenses available before taking the state’s offer, even if it is probation before judgment (“PBJ”). A PBJ in a DUI or DWI case can never be expunged. In other words, the public at large will always be able to see the charge and any associated tickets.

Relentless Defense Of Your Rights

An attorney should never advise a client to plead to a charge when there are viable defenses. Although no attorney can win every trial, at Ortega Law, LLC, we are not afraid to fight for our clients. Every member of our firm is a trial attorney. Having a team of litigators is something that we are proud of and that our clients benefit from.

A conviction for driving while suspended and similar offenses can lead to the loss of your driving license and even to incarceration in some instances. Just like DUI/DWI charges, an attorney should not shy away from making the state prove its case. There are many defenses to these types of cases, ranging from the traffic stop itself to issues regarding proper notification from the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Getting an experienced criminal defense attorney right away who knows the laws in Maryland can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome of your case. Do not wait to speak to a lawyer. Contact us today for a free consultation.

DUI/DWI And How We Can Represent You

Being charged with a DUI or DWI is always a serious matter. DUI and DWI offenses in Anne Arundel County carry life-changing consequences, such as loss of license, fines, required substance abuse assessment, and possibly even jail time. However, Maryland law does not strictly prohibit plea agreements that might alter DUI/DWI offenses into lesser criminal or even noncriminal charges.

Defendants in DUI/DWI cases, with the help of legal representation, are free to negotiate for more favorable terms or even for a complete dismissal of charges. For this reason, if you find yourself facing DUI/DWI charges, call Ortega Law, LLC.

Options And Strategies

A DUI or DWI charge may seem hopeless, but the truth is actually far from bleak. The trial attorneys at Ortega Law have extensive experience navigating DUI/DWI laws and stand ready to help you with your situation, examine the details of your case and discuss your options.

We will discuss strategies such as immediately enrolling in a substance abuse program to help mitigate damages, participating in the ignition interlock program, or challenging the arrest. You can be confident that we will fight for what is best for you. Maryland prosecutes these cases aggressively.

A DWI or DUI conviction can seriously affect your life. Not only could you lose your driving privileges, but you may owe fines and even face jail or prison time. If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, you need one of the best DUI lawyers. Call our law firm to meet with a DWI lawyer who will examine the specific facts of your case and help you determine a defense strategy that works in your favor.

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