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Creating a strong defense strategy against domestic violence charge

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Domestic Violence

Disagreements happen in relationships and marriages. While they are natural and common occurrences, they are frequently minor and quickly resolved. Unfortunately, some arguments could get heated and physical. While this is a serious situation, it is a matter that could quickly escalate and generate various perspectives and versions of events.

Domestic violence charges

Being arrested for domestic violence is a difficult event, and it is often one that hurts the accused and the relationship it impacted. At Ortega Law, our law firm knows firsthand the severity a domestic violence allegation is and the serious consequences it could carry. Thus, our attorneys carefully look at the situation, helping you devise an aggressive defense.

Creating a defense

In addition to the criminal charges for assault, the accused could also endure a proceeding for a protective order. If the person seeking the protective order is awarded, this could significantly impact the accused. If they share a home, children and household income, this could affect where you live, when you see your children and what you can afford.

While it might feel like the accuser is believed in the matter, you have the right and ability to defend yourself. With a criminal defense or a challenge of a protective order, you are able to tell your side of the story while also ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

A domestic violence matter is never easy to navigate. Emotions are often heavy, and there is often a fear of the unknown future. Legal guidance can help you gain control of your present and your defense strategy.