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5 kinds of drugs college students use

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drug Charges

It can be scary sending off your children to college. They’ll be alone in the world for the first time without knowing all of the rules. 

While your children will benefit greatly from college, there’s also one danger you should be recognize. Your child could be using drugs without understanding the risks. Here’s what you should know about some of the most commonly used drugs among college students:

1. Alcohol

It’s likely not a surprise that college students drink alcohol. Many students turn into legal adults while they’re in college. However, many students aren’t aware of the dangers that come with alcohol. For example, alcohol can lead to addiction. As a result, students may use and abuse alcohol and become dependent on it. This could lead to drunk driving or even underage possession charges.

2. Marijuana 

Marijuana is often seen as the trendy drug of choice in college. However, there are many laws that restrict the use and possession or marijuana. A college student may be caught in possession of marijuana and suffer criminal charges. 

3. Prescription drugs

Many college students have been prescribed drugs – this isn’t illegal. However, college students who are in possession of prescription drugs without being prescribed can be charged with drug possession. Furthermore, students who distribute or sell their prescription drugs can end up with criminal charges.

4. Cocaine

Cocaine used to be one of the biggest drugs around, but it’s still commonly used. Many students find the addictive and highly illegal drug attractive because it gives them the ability to focus. However, prolonged cocaine use can cause brain issues and raise the chances of criminal charges.

5. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the “rave drug” of choice. Ecstasy use reportedly intensifies sensory feelings. However, the withdrawal effects of ecstasy can cause users to abuse the drug. It’s also an illicit drug.

Talk to your children about the dangers of drugs when it comes to their health – and their futures. If your child is charged with using or distributing drugs, then you may need to seek legal guidance about defense strategies that will protect them.