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Charged with a Crime: Do You Need a Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Firm News

Getting charged with a crime can severely impact your entire life. The consequences can be dire, and to ensure the best outcome for your case, you may need some help from a professional. When you are charged with a crime, it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer work on your case. Though you may believe that you can save a few bucks by representing yourself, you may end up paying dearly for that decision. Keep reading to learn more about criminal lawyers and how one of them may be able to help you.

What Kind of Cases Can They Help With?

The lawyers at the best criminal law firms in Anne Arundel County can help with all sorts of cases both misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanor crimes include vandalism, petty theft, trespass, public intoxication, reckless driving, first-time possession of drugs, disorderly conduct, and more. The punishment for a misdemeanor can include fines and prison time. With felonies like rape, murder, arson, armed robbery, fraud, and the like, the punishments are more serious and include longer prison sentences. Criminal attorneys work on all sorts of cases, and, with their expertise, usually, make all the difference.

What about Self-Representation?

On tv and in movies, they make self-representation look so easy. However, in reality, it is anything but that. Self-representation is not a viable option unless you are an experienced lawyer. Otherwise, you can read all of the law books you want and study to your heart’s content, but you still won’t be able to represent yourself successfully. Why? You don’t have real-world experience. The complicated legal system of the United States cannot be fully understood just by reading books.

There is a world of difference between reading about law and practicing it. Your lack of legal experience would only hurt your case and cost you in the long run. Every criminal case is unique; only professionals who know how to assess the particulars of your case can offer the defense that you need and deserve. It is always wiser to hire a professional criminal attorney who has the knowledge and the experience to handle your case expertly.

How Can an Attorney Help You?

Criminal lawyers do more than question people in court; they take on a load of responsibilities to ensure that your case has the best outcome possible. The duties of a criminal defense attorney include:

  • Having advanced knowledge of local and federal laws that too complicated for most others to understand
  • Being familiar with court customs and procedures that most are not aware of
  • Negotiating deals with the prosecutor and arranging for lesser sentences and reduced charges
  • Collecting information about the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Hiring investigators to gather more evidence to support your case
  • Helping you to manage the fear, embarrassment, and anxiety that often come with criminal charges
  • Create sentencing programs that meet your unique need
  • Providing you with a realistic perspective on your case and its likely outcome

With all of these skills and benefits, how can you say no to hiring an attorney? Contact us at Ortega Law to learn how we can help with your criminal case.